Meet Our Animals

These are some of the individuals we have the privilege to work with every day. You can check out our gallery for more recent pictures and updates.



Snish fell out of a tree as an infant and was found by someone in the community who in turn brought him to the government. The government then turned to us to care for the youngster, who is our youngest resident at the sanctuary.


In an all-too-familiar-tale, Rollo's mother was killed so he could be sold into the pet trade. We are not aware of his age, and while he is very small, we estimate him to be about 10 months, and our vet believes his growth was stunted by an improper diet.



Nubi was originally brought to the Safaricks Zoo in October 2016 before coming to us at Palliata Santuario two months later. She had started accepting goats milk, after several days of refusing to eat and being hooked up to an IV at the zoo. When she came to us,  she weighed a mere 400 grams. Now that Nubi is settled with us, she has taken to exploring her surroundings and is not afraid to climb to the highest branches where she finds the best leaves that she loves to munch on.



Chito was rescued when she was only a month old from Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro. After being with us since December 2016 she has taken her place as the sun lover of our monkeys, and can often be found lounging and taking long naps in the sun.

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Atlas, like so many other young primates, had a traumatic start to life. At less than two months old her mother was killed by poachers so they could steal her for the illegal wildlife trade. Luckily for Atlas, the government managed to intervene and brought her to us where she could grow up to be released back into her natural environment and live life free rather than as someone's pet.


It is a sad reality for many animals, both primates and otherwise, that the illegal wildlife trade tears them from their mothers at a young age to be sold into the hands of humans that can't properly provide for them. This, unfortunately, was the case for Penny, as it is for many howler monkeys, who have very specific diets and daily needs that people are unaware of, meaning many sold into this life don't make it. Penny's "owners" were trying to raise her on cows milk, which was effectively poisoning her as howler monkeys are intolerant to this.  Penny had a lucky escape and was seized by the government in time, and since coming to us to start her rehabilitation journey has turned into a beautiful, independent 1-year-old.



Monowa came to us in January 2017 after being brought for merely $20 by a local man who wanted her as a pet. Her "owner" realized he could not handle the responsibility of keeping her and surrendered her to Summit Zoo. Thankfully he realized his grave error in time to give her every chance of survival, and the prospect of going back to life in the wild.


Maggie is coming to the end of his rehabilitation journey! Soon Maggie will be returned to the wild after the soft release process conducted here. Palliata Santuario receives primates of all ages, and since Maggie arrived in December 2016 he has grown into a strong sub-adult male. Being nearly 3 years of age, Maggie is ready to face the challenges of life in the wild after being taught essential skills here at Palliata Santuario.

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Stevie is our resident sanctuary monkey. She is the oldest monkey here at Palliata Santuario and unfortunately cannot be released back into the wild. Stevie's mother died when she was electrocuted by a power line when Stevie was only a few weeks old and still traveling on her mother's back. While Stevie survived the ordeal, she was left blind from the event, and therefore must stay with us. We have created a wild experience for her to roam in, and she is healthy and happy. Despite her disability Stevie has grown into a beautiful female who has a special place in our hearts.